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Hey Artistically Challenged viewers! Have you wondered what our logo means, the little green splotch that looks kind of like a germ?  We call it the “Jerm” and here’s what it’s all about:

We decided early in the writing process that it would be funny if throughout the entire series, Nick wore t-shirts from his failed clothing line, a passion project from his past. He feels like there’s still a chance it might take off, which is why he wears his shirts all day, everyday. Everywhere he goes, Nick is a walking billboard for his ill-fated company, a testament to his own utter failure.


Our idea for Nick’s futile endeavor needed an equally absurd design, and what we came up with was Jerm Wear™.

We custom designed a logo, a name, and a tag-line so ridiculous that no one in the world of the series would ever want one. When we were filming in NYC, however, people actually stopped Jeremy Boros (Nick) on the street and asked him where he got it. He stayed in character and explained Nick’s “mantra” about how “Germs are on everyone, they’re what bring us all together.” People laughed, but then they asked where they could get one too.

We’ve made Jerm Wear available online, and if you are willing to be gawked at (don’t say we didn’t warn you), you can get some right here.

Click here to buy some Jerm Wear:

Jerm T-Shirt Contest

Congrats @susanruthism, our first Jerm T-shirt contest winner! Doesn't she look great in her brand new Jerm shirt?