“Short-Format Comedy: The Forward-Looking Comedians of Instagram and Vine”

"While a 15-second format also presented huge challenges, [the filmmakers] were able to create entertaining episodes with a beginning, middle and abrupt cliffhanger endings that leave the viewer laughing and wanting to know what happens next." 

“There’s an Instagram 'television series' — and it’s about artists and the art world. It’s pretty funny.”

“Artistically Challenged moves as fast as possible without leaving the viewer behind. It’s a daring, experimental strategy, and in this case, it has paid off.”

“The series is as polished as any comedy sketch you'd see on TV” 

“It’s definitely fun to watch. Each episode is tightly scripted and well-acted. And at 15 seconds long, you don’t have to feel guilty about watching too much television.” 

“A familiarity with the nuances of the art world is helpful but not necessary to enjoying the series. The show is funny and brief enough to land with most anyone.”

"The mobile app allows users to upload 15-second videos, which [the creators] took advantage of in this innovative approach to showcasing the comedic struggles of an emerging artist in New York City."

“Fans are keen to point out that, despite the 15 second restrictions of an Instagram video, the amount of work and production that has gone into each episode is on a par with regular TV and film.”

Interview with all three co-creators: Aleks Arcabascio, Jeremy Boros, and Michael Deigh (Delmara)

Interview with co-creators Aleks Arcabascio & Michael Deigh (Delmara)

"Queens filmmaker co-creates first ‘TV series’ made exclusively for Instagram"

"Instagram TV Series Follows the Life of a Struggling NYC Artist"

"Three NYC filmmakers are creating a 'TV series' exclusively for Instagram"

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